They, Themselves, and Them

What happened to Duty, Honor, Integrity, Justice, and Precedent in Government service employment? Unlike my past career environment, I retired from the US Government Employment. I find more than a few highly visible, politically placed current employees have lost their way. No longer are those words seen as a barometer of efficiency inside those public serviced workspaces. Often the mantra seems like the late comedian/actor Barnie Mac show theme “Who you with?”

You don’t necessarily have had worked for the Department of Defense to get the gist of my point. Outside the confines of a national defense office in a job/position for a private concern. The meaning of those words governs an office for maximum efficiency. There may be different words like Job Specification, Respect, Character, Legality, or rules of the workplace used at this time. But in truth, it all pretty much means the same.

We have all heard it growing up as kids. Our parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles probably have cautioned us. They would look at our smug little faces with that stern grown-up look of I am about to give you a life memorable lesson. They would say sternly…” Baby, that is not the way you act in those type of situations.”  They’d go on to explain how you should behave or things you should consider saying before you open your mouth and say anything. Above all, selfishness is never a good place to begin when one is considering something nice to say in any interaction with another human being. You remember, don’t you?

What happened to “do the best job for all concerned?” When did US politicians go so astray as to think it doesn’t matter how achieve your objective…just win baby, win? When did we, the voting public adopt a sports mantra as a life direction when dealing with an entire country of diverse people?

We now have political leaders acting out in ways that dumbfound us. Protocol be damn, and a certain segment of society cheers on this type of behavior. As my parents would say after seeing this kind of childish display in public…” Who are his/her parents?” My question is, do Republicans or those who share their ideas care about the direction taken by this country? Hell! Let’s ask the big question. Is Democracy dead in the United States of America?  

I learned to respect certain offices of authority during my employment career. I found people that I respected, holding down positions of authority. I recognized leaders who knew how to lead without reminding us minute by minute they are our leaders. I, one who has been selfish at times, remember the lessons provided by my parents. I tried to do the same for my children. They understood those lessons. Like all of us as youngsters, they struggled with when to be selfish or pass for the betterment of a larger cause.

At the risk of sounding tripe. I know…some people out there will ask of nobody, in particular, …who in the heck does this guy think he is? Never-the-less, I love this country. No, I don’t have the US Flag flying from my car antenna. Nor is it on my auto’s bumper. I don’t have it flying from my house. I do have it on my office desk, flying from a pencil holder. My loyalties to this country go back to my military days. It continued during my stints of working for the Department of Defense. And subsequent jobs at private contractors in support of our military whenever on the move or wherever stationed. My positions were in support of troops over land or sea. It was to see that they arrived at their mission’s objective on time with anything they needed to fulfill the task.   

That’s why I have a problem with people who have no loyalties to anyone or anything other than themselves. It tends to breed or provide a fertile ground to selfishness. You know the type, it’s always about me, myself and I, every day, all day kind of thing. Most have no moral compass. And believe me the word moral deeply involves right or wrong. That’s why those words above, Duty, etc. keep one grounded and on a directional path to be fair in all their decisions. 

Maybe military service or something similar should be a prerequisite for entry into a government job. It should certainly be a consideration for elected officials. How many times have you heard, the President, congressman, or local official didn’t serve in the military because of some medical pass? One they got how…?

This fall, especially in 2020, let’s ask those running for political office if they subscribe to the basic laws of this country. And the biggie, do they have any direct or associated military service for this country. I don’t necessarily think it should be the determining factor if they get your vote. But you sure as hell should know if they are a true American and intend to represent all of America to the best of their ability.  

Peace & Blessing, stay vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

 Codis Hampton II                                                                                          

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