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On this corner, we hang out to exchange constructive ideas. We discuss neighborhood, city, state, country and world affairs. People, who talk out of the side of their neck or with forked tongue, if you get my meaning, need not hang out with us. We mix old school common sense, current innovations, street knowledge, with high school, GED, and even trade school skills. We add the thoughts and ideas of those who possess Bachelor of Arts, Masters and Doctorate Degrees to come up with a formula that benefits the common man or woman entrepreneurial spirit and lifestyle. The intent is to enable growth and success in people of color, who do not necessarily have the bankroll, afforded those who are well-connected within the United States.


In other words, we the willing, led by the unknowing are doing the impossible for family, friends and community. We have achieved so much for so long, with so little. We are now qualified to do anything with nothing. While we are not perfect in our accomplishments, we are exceptional and creative.

Come hang with us.  Be a part of something meaningful,  positive in God and the world’s eyes.  Click on the following Poster links to see our line up of shows. Stop on by Hamp’s Corner of America.  

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We are celebrating the release of Unchon-ni. We decided to repackage the novel in a format that easier for the consumer to read. Enjoy the music that speaks to this kind of book.

Listen to Part two of the type of music that moves, grooves your soul on this Sept 14, 2019 Blog Talk Musical Special

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