Our Story

  1. I come from an entrepreneurial and Governmental business background. After numerous odd jobs in my early twenties the inconsistency concluding as became the owner/manager of a retail outlet. With no real property or other assets to support a business loan, within a year and a half I had to close the semi-successful venture. I was left searching for that pent-up passion for making a difference in my community and beyond. left my hometown and moved my family to California. Before the move, had secured a ‘Good Job’ as my father liked to call Government jobs. My Government career began as a Supply Clerk in 1978 retiring in 1996 as a Procurement Director. Our naval base was placed on the closure list. A couple of years earlier ’d established an online monthly Entrepreneurial Newsletter. I’d edit article submission from others while writing opinionated articles about topics of interest. I’d finally discovered how to phrase my passion about specific subjects and a vehicle in which to communicate it to the public.

Yet I still had to earn a living to maintain my family’s accustomed lifestyle. Apparently, a sufficient amount was not in my retirement pension. So I returned to work. The Procurement field was something I loved to do and gave me feelings of accomplishment. The next couple of years I held a temporary managers position for a city and a college procurement administration. Finally, I signed on with a private contractor. There was familiarity in the work as my employer had a contract to support Defense Department vessels. I found this too little too late as my newsletter was taking up more and more of my time. I was thoroughly hooked on writing about this, that and the other. I wanted to write in hopes of my words inspiring and informing the public at large.

By 2005, the itch culminated with my resignation from the private contractor. I decided to continue writing while managing my consulting firm. By the fall of 2010; after a three-year research, recall, write, rewrite, and personally reliving my time spent in Korea from May 8, 1962, through May 3, 1963. The book, Unchon-ni, based upon my US Army tour time spent, was finally published. By 2011, I added bi-monthly blogging to my writing resume. I began hosting Hamp’s Corner of America Blog Talk Radio show in June of 2014. It’s a spin-off or extension of sorts from my blogs. I’ve also found the show to be an ideal platform for me or my guest presenting ideas and comments to our audience. It’s directed at people of color who may not see or hear the stories that speak to our interest from other American news outlets.

By 2014, a politically charged year, most people became accustomed to instant critique and sound bites from various media. Right or Left-wing groups can spend money at will without any trace of the identity of these people. They tend to dominate the news cycle. The practices of half-truth, twisted information or fake news are more prevalent than ever in America’s history. It will continue until the majority of the American public has had enough. We need to provide voices of reason and common sense to our problems. Meanwhile, the truth is often bent; twisted, shredded, and repackaged to resemble something that your conscience tells you is a lie. Independent thinking is not a lost art. Just because people with those types of opinions seem to dominate the landscape, they are still a minority, no matter their color or creed.

It’s these life-altering events that shape a person, family, neighborhood, and community. The truth must be treasured and not compromised. Those real experiences supply the foundation upon which we are built and thus enable us to do the right thing based upon facts. That is the creed upon which I’ve based my life on every circumstance. No matter what, somehow one should always do the right thing for all involved. It keeps one grounded. I’ve reached my senior years and have an enormous appetite to see our local communities grow and prosper at the hands of the people. In other words, there is no help like self-help.

As of this fall 2017 date, I have written and published five books. (The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp; Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years 1917-1953; Remembering Moz, Gracie & John Hampton’s First-Born), And my latest, entitled Misguided Intentions. I am currently working on another book based on an adopted Cousin. An update of Unchon-ni; both are due out in the fall of 2018. For 2019, I plan on writing a book about a good friend of mine I met after moving to California. And then there is a political environment book scheduled for a Spring release in 2020. I can say at this point in my life, I am at peace with my work, my God, and my existence. Peace, and make it a day that Jesus Christ would be proud of,

Codis Hampton II, 10/27/2017