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  Will it increase in value over time, is one of the ultimate questions for someone purchasing a collectible. Is it an item that you find priceless, where others may not find readily available to anyone?  Not only is it a conversation piece but pleasing to the eye.  It is undoubtedly created by an artist of some renown. The creativity of such an artist is evident at first glance and increases as you examine the article closely. Sometimes you continue to see the beauty in the collectible over time.   
   At Frosty LTD, we look for those special items and have put them on display within our website for your final approval. If we have done our job…you will find a piece that speaks to you, purchase it and enjoy it for as long as you own it.



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A republished version of the author’s personal tale of his 13-month US Army tour of duty in South Korea. He uses flash backs of his life to recall how he got there. The time line is 1962-1963. A self-published table top format with occasional editing flaws, it provide details of a 17-year-old boy growing into a man with the help of two women he meet in Unchon-ni and his duties as a soldier. A must read for your edification and enjoyment.

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