Tis the Season…2022

Have a happy holiday season to you, and yours from me and mine. Tis the season I love…Thanksgiving up through New Year’s. Like all, I’m reminded of this time of the year when I was a child. We remember and pay tribute to those who have passed on and are still with us. We muse about new friends and acquaintances we would love to meet, greet, and talk with about numerous subjects.

We love seeing the excitement on our loved one’s faces as they reminisce about a happy time before and during this year. We enjoy watching them open gifts. The surprise on their faces as they feel you have connected with their innermost wishes. Then there are the pensive thoughts going through their minds — thoughts along with excitement about the known versus the unknown in the coming years. The point is that watching holiday reactions from your family, friends, or your main squeeze is a seasonal natural high. Times you must personally experience. You’ve got to be there and be involved in appreciating it fully. Your involvement is the ultimate high.

Tis the time of the year when we tend to forget silly feuds and personal dislikes that don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. You think your savior for allowing you and your family members to make it through another year. Yet, somehow you have a different or at least an adjusted attitude about life. Personal accomplishments only add to the good feelings.

We are still a realist, for we have no illusions about the defective political nonsense coming from politicians in the Senate and Congress. The same two senators that voted with the Republicans on many vital issues the last two years are making noises again. Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema has changed her party designation to Independent. Although a registered Democrat, Joe Manchin declares he is not a Washington-voting Democrat. There is nothing new with those two. As for the House of Representatives change, one can be very sure stupid ideas will flow from the Republican majority speaker. Yet, there will be nothing new. They investigate those with whom they disagree. While some in their party will continue to promote unproven theories, spread lies, and believe the last presidential election was a complete fraud.   

By God’s grace, we still hope that victories because of the mid-terms will bring about change from the rapid deterioration of social customs. Indeed, if not the act of sociability, period. So let’s continue (with our votes) sending Trump, MAGA, and other extremists and their gangs back to the wayside from which they came. Do you feel me?

The one thing we always take from these holiday seasons is that our time is brief on earth. Especially around New Year’s Day. While younger, we may think we have a long time for whatever. The sudden realization in our thirties reminds us that our clock is ticking. Anytime after that, most of us grasped that we have an expiration date. We don’t have to like it, but we will all die. I am a firm believer from when I didn’t think I would reach the age of twenty-one. What can I say? It was life if the fast lane. Now that I’m a senior citizen or OG for the hip. I sincerely believe that when God has scheduled you to leave this earth, nothing else matters; your time will be up.

Our legacy is in our hands. It’s up to us to leave a positive impression on anyone with an interest that we once lived on this earth. Maybe a lot of people don’t care or think it’s a depressing thought. For me, earning money is no longer my mantra. Anyone looking up my name must find my writings, which they will also find that I cared deeply about my family, friends, country, and heritage. I would also add God first and foremost. That, for me, is legacy enough. How about you?

Now a few words about our local sports. You know how I do. The good news for Steph and the Warriors is he may only be out through the end of December, according to @TheAthletic, or mid-January would be my uneducated guess. But Coach Kerr let Moses Moody play more minutes to develop. He has earned it.

Meanwhile, my Niners just won the NFC West by beating their archrival, Seattle Seahawks. Superbowl, I don’t know about that; it all depends. Next year, it will be a circus deciding who to keep and who to let go between Trey Lance, Jimmy G, and Brock Purdy. And the A’s continue getting rid of players because they don’t want to pay them. Yet they want Alameda County to pay a substantial amount to help them build a stadium. So why should fans attend a farm team game, I ask?

So once again, happy holiday season to you and yours, our family far and wide, from me and mine. I’m looking forward to an eventful 2023. Look for two new books (Grandma Gracie’s Migration to Milwaukee, the sequel to Grace Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years. and Lil Big Papa) authored by yours truly this coming spring-summer.

Peace, blessings, stay healthy and be vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                                                               Author & Commentator

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