Patience, Customer Service, or wishing humanity the best is a lost Art.

Frequently, older folks begin tripping at any suggestion by a youngster that they are losing some skill or another. Think of memory of family contact or events, even occurrences with those critical to our memory. We may not be as quick in mind or physically as in the past. Now, we seem so much slower in our response to their request.

Physically, we may use a cane or walker to get around. There is nothing like watching the impatience of someone waiting on someone requiring those tools to walk. Oh, they are fine initially, but their patience wears out as time goes on. You can almost see the willingness to assist in the beginning turn to annoyance after dealing with the older person after a while. It’s that they are on the move, and anything that slows them down affects their required life cycle speed, if you get my drift.

Don’t get me wrong. Most are glad to assist an older individual for a few minutes. Anything longer than that depends upon your relationship. It helps if it’s your grandson or other close relative.

As old timers, we can recall we were just like them. We always had something to do, somewhere to go, late for a meeting, or, heavens forbid, a date with the opposite sex. Like today’s youngsters, we were always in a hurry to be somewhere. Even if that somewhere was to hang out on the corner with our friends.

Customer service or general consideration of another person’s space in our orbit seems lost. Even if you have no handicaps, shopping in stores, eating in restaurants, or even going through the fast-food drive-through can be an experience. People seem not to have a minute to waste when getting your food. You better get in the habit of checking your bag to see if they completed your order. Nothing grinds your nerves as to get home to find something missing or not, as you requested at the outset.

Some folks pushing grocery store shopping carts are oblivious to their whereabouts. They are blocking your advancement. Or they think they are racing at the Indianapolis 500 speedway. That is evident when you head for the checkout line. They act like they don’t see you heading in the same direction. A picture worth a thousand-dollar price is the one that has their kid in the seat of the cart. The child is either laughing at the sudden burst of speed or turning quiet, hoping their parent will not have a wreck rushing to the checkout cash register.

How about dealing with a telephone customer service representative? If you have computer issues, you better be prepared to listen to the rep reading from a script of possible customer errors. This is almost always followed by insisting you unplug this and hook up that before they request access to your computer. They will practically ignore your answers to their questions until they finish reading the script.

And finally, those who rang your doorbell. It makes no difference if you have a “No Soliciting Sign on your house. I have one, but they act as though they didn’t see it when you ask about it. They are just in the neighborhood, they begin. How much do you pay for your monthly electric bill? They continue by expressing how much they will save you on that bill; sign up with us. Your charge is on your monthly energy bill.

They get offended if you are adamant about keeping your current setup and fees. “You mean you don’t want to save money.” You practically must insist they leave. You may have to slam the door on their faces to get them to move along.

The bottom line is this. Baby Boomers went through their twenties and thirties when society changed to a more liberal attitude period. We all wanted the best for people we had not met. It was an overall ‘wish you well,’ man. We inherited our parents’ work ethic. Becoming employed, we took on the responsibility of job performance as a leading criterion for promotions or other career advancements. Overall, we treated others like we wanted to be treated whenever we encountered them.

Then, Ronald Reagan became president. He addressed those “I got mine, and I don’t care about you” attitudes. Since then, Conservatism has moved closer to first place in exchange for more liberal thoughts toward our neighbors or friends.

The entertainment world reflected the free-spirited Baby Boomers era. Despite the hatred, this is still harbored by certain groups of folks. The great majority didn’t mind lending a hand to see our fellow humans lift themselves and earn their piece of the American Pie.

Ever since Reagan became president, we’ve gone in the opposite direction. Reagan’s administration instituted and changed more liberal laws. That practice continued with each Republican administration. Today, we have evolved into a ‘get out of my face before I hurt you’ type of people. In other words, ‘who let the dogs out’…Donald Trump. We don’t seem to have any patience with anybody, no matter their handicap. It’s all about I got mine. And I’ll take yours too if you are not careful.

Add that to the Wild West syndrome of backup before I shoot because I don’t like your kind. Or some other folks, taking the law into their own hands after drinking the right-wing rhetoric water of lying. Kids are shooting each other at our children’s parties or schools. What the…? The NRA doesn’t care; let anybody have as many weapons as they want, military-style or whatever. Surprise, surprise, all creeds and colors are in play.

For those of us who have seen a different America, it is sad to see the attitude change. We wonder how far our society is going to drift in this direction. When will we change course, if ever again?      

 Peace, blessings, stay healthy, and vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

Codis Hampton II                                                                                                                                                     Author & Commentator

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