My Opinion should count, as should yours.

Recently, I had a professional review completed for my latest book, The Episodic Thoughts of Hamp, Vol 2. Anyone who has read my works understands that personal opinions or questionable critiques of my writings do not dictate the subject matter I choose to comment. I tend to have some type of opinion about any subject matter. God and my parents built me that way. Anyway, without further ado, here is the review,

 “If a reader is looking for an easy-to-read collection of essays that are both entertaining and thoughtful, then Codis Hampton II’s book is a satisfactory choice. Each entry takes only a few minutes to read and therefore provides short, quick material for the busy individual. The author uses straightforward language and flowing narrative to keep the tone simple and to engage the reader. He adds his unique humor and a blend of slang to lighten the voice of many pieces, yet he contrasts the levity with serious and important life lessons to bring balance.”

“Hampton states in the beginning of his book that these essays are his opinions from his own life experience. He draws on several decades and his interactions with various people along the way to back up his thoughts on different subjects. His background on any given topic is due to his experience, so the reader should consider the author’s words his own perspective and not absolute truths.”

“These are opinion pieces and should be treated as such. If a reader is seeking authoritative knowledge on any of the various topics Hampton writes about, they would do well to consult books written by experts in such fields. However, if the reader is looking for a unique perspective or entertainment, then Hampton’s collection of essays provides plenty of fodder for thought. Hampton’s voice comes through with strength and clarity. While reading his essays, one feels like they know him, perhaps even can hear him. His dynamic, outgoing personality shines through, rendering his words almost conversational.”

 “Due to the broad array of topics, someone is bound to find something in this collection that resonates with them. That said, they may also come across an essay that is either disagreeable or perhaps off-putting. The author has strong ties to his family, for example, despite having a mother who walked out of his life when he was very young. He emphasizes again and again one’s identity being connected to their family, but this statement would not be true or feel fair to someone who is estranged from their family or who had traumatic experiences growing up. While the author’s experiences are his own and therefore his opinions are based on those experiences, perhaps a disclaimer that these opinions and experiences are to be viewed through the lens of belonging to one person would prove beneficial to readers who come from very different backgrounds.” End of quote.

I found it odd that the reviewer thought my mother walked out on me. Not so; we didn’t have a close relationship right after she divorced my father. Thank God I was brought up living in my fathers’ house. My relationship changed with my mama while I was in the Army. We became much closer after I returned home from the service. The reviewer must have missed that part altogether.

The other oddity, in my opinion, was that he felt I should leave my opinions to the so-called experts in various subject fields. I found that statement hilarious, given that just because some consider themselves an expert on a particular subject. Familiarity with the subject matter doesn’t always come through as thoughtful or tolerant of other opinions. In other words, you don’t have to be an expert for your opinion to matter, in my view.

Overall, I found the reviewer’s thoughts true, especially that the articles are both “entertaining and thoughtful.” That is precisely my goal in writing about anything. I try to get my readers to think of their opinion about the subject matter.

I find that is the best way for me to communicate with readers. I write with the intention…to communicate with you, you over there, and anyone. Your opinion on this article would be appreciated.

Peace, blessings, stay healthy, vigilant for our American rights. Make it a day in which Jesus Christ would be proud of you,

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